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"Super" Sanders and his lessons for reaching the young and restless

The unexpected rise of Bernie Sanders in the US Democratic Primaries due to his large number of young supporters has focussed US business marketers on “the Millennials” which is regarded as a hardest to reach demographic in America today.

Still the right place - Australia and the global economic outlook in 2016

It was Paul Keating who said that Australia needs to realise that we get our security in Asia not from Asia.  

But what about our economic security? 

Years of living prosperously-economic diplomacy between Indonesia and Australia


Despite the dominance of security issues and geo-politics, in the media on the business side of things, Indonesia and Australia are long standing economic partners.

In fact, it was symbolic, that the new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull like one of his predecessors Paul Keating visited Indonesia first rather than the tradition of Australian Prime Ministers past to go to London or Washington as their first port of call after assuming the highest office in the land.

Horses for Courses – Your Form Guide to the Asian Century

When you are punting on this year’s Melbourne Cup, have a bit of sympathy for Australian export businesses who have to make their big bets on international markets in the Asian region.


Economic literacy and Australian politics – why we have Prime Minister Turnbull

Australia has just changed Prime Ministers. Yes all within the same party but with a different philosophy it seems. Yesterday we had a Conservative government. Today we have a Liberal one. And one reason the challenger Malcom Turnbull was successful in toppling the incumbent Prime Minister Tony Abbott was economics or so the victor claims. Malcolm Turnbull in his assault before the spill claimed that a political leader must always have an economic narrative, a story to tell and to explain to the public (again and again until it is understood).

Chafing at the bit for CHAFTA

Something happened in the Australian political scene when I was away last week. The issue of the Chinese Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) hit fever pitch.

And guess where I was? I was in China. Specifically I was in Shanghai, Xian in North Western China and Hong Kong teaching an AGSM MBA programme and talking with various companies, both Australian and China about the stock market, the exchange rate and ChAFTA.

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The Year of Living Prosperously? Australian ties with Indonesia.
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