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COSPAR 2020: The Space Olympics for Sydney. The Games are over - it's time for Australia to get back in the space race.

It’s space vehicles… rockets and balloons… it’s 2000 of the world’s leading scientists, space researchers and organisations converging on Sydney to support the effort that ultimately may answer the BIG question – is there anyone else out there? 

You may be wondering why I care about such matters. 

Will there be peace in the footy wars?

It’s a big week on the Australian sports calendar now with Grand Final week in both the Australian Football League (AFL) and the National Rugby League (NRL). And there are parallels in both games. 

Should I stay or should I go? Europhobia and the consequences of Brexit

You can’t blame the Europeans. The original grand European project had the best of intentions. In the shadows of World War Two – another bitter and bloody war – the leaders of France and Germany decided they never wanted to go to war again. And the idea was that binding Europe together in an economic union would prevent any outbreak of future military conflict.


There is always an “X” factor in economics that comes from out of the blue to shock markets and the global community. There are often geo-political shocks a financial collapse or a public health issue. So far the factor X in 2016 could be Zika. For instance, Brazil was all ready to party with the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August but it is now bracing itself for Zika.

"Super" Sanders and his lessons for reaching the young and restless

The unexpected rise of Bernie Sanders in the US Democratic Primaries due to his large number of young supporters has focussed US business marketers on “the Millennials” which is regarded as a hardest to reach demographic in America today.

Still the right place - Australia and the global economic outlook in 2016

It was Paul Keating who said that Australia needs to realise that we get our security in Asia not from Asia.  

But what about our economic security? 

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