What Are Padel Tennis Equipment?

What Are Padel Tennis Equipment

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you may want to know about the different types of padel tennis equipment available. Unlike most racket sports, padel requires specific equipment that is not found in other sports. It’s not uncommon to find a padel player wearing a visor or even a hat to protect his or her head from the sun’s glare. Other items to consider when purchasing padel equipment include a racket, a ball, shoes, and clothing.

The padel ball is similar to the tennis ball, but it is less pressurized. The padel ball is also smaller, and it bounces differently than the regular tennis ball. This allows for a more controlled action. The ball bounces twice in the opponent’s field, and a point is scored if the padel ball lands within the field’s minimum height.

The padel court is a small, enclosed court, about 20 meters by 10 meters. The padel playing surface is surrounded by walls made of glass or concrete. The walls are closed with metallic mesh to a height of 4 meters. This means that the padel ball can only hit the ground once, before being returned.

The padel racket is different from other types of rackets because it has a specific weight and a defined shape. The shape of the racket can be rough or smooth, depending on the type of racket. The material used for the outside skin of the padel racket is fiberglass or carbon fiber. The internal core is made from EVA foam. The outer skin of the padel racket also flexes to dissipate impact force.

There are three main types of padel rackets. The first is the “Gold Point,” which is a scoring system that is used in major tournaments. This is a new concept that is being adopted by the World Padel Tour. The other two are the “high balance” and the “balance on par” rackets. Those with a high balance have a great deal of power in their shots, but are difficult to control for beginners. The balance on par has a very good balance between power and control.

In addition to the standard requirements for tennis, padel equipment also requires that you wear a non-elastic wristband. This band is fixed to the handle of the racket and must not be longer than 35 cm. The same color shirt must be worn by both players. Leg warmers are a common way to stay warm during a padel match. However, sleeveless t-shirts are not permitted.

In addition to the padel racket, you’ll need a special padel ball. Padel balls must be white or yellow, have a diameter between 6.35 and 6.77 millimeters, and meet FIP standards. The ball’s weight must be between 56 and 59.4 grams.

The best way to choose the right padel tennis equipment is to consult a professional. It is important to make the correct choice because the wrong paddle can hurt your body. You can also enhance your gameplay with additional equipment.


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